Monday, June 29, 2009

sf2g part-bayway then Ringwood

Monday June 29th, AM. Riders: Googlers Ben and Dave. An sf2g NRLB ride, so we kept the pace light and the tour scenic, hitting up the Broadway bridge over 101, the path along Sanchez Creek Lagoon, and the feral cat highway under the 92. Discovered a dirt trail from Whipple to near the bridge to nowhere that I'll have to try out another day. We hit the path along the 84 at 8:40 and parted ways so I could solo the remaining hour to Apple in time for a most delicious pancake. Detouring on Ravenswood of course (vs the more direct Willow bridge) to hit up the dirt trail along Alma to El Palo Alto.
37 miles, 2:20

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