Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday morning

Monday June 22nd, AM. Bit of a late start this morning, so did a mostly direct route in with some exploration after Portola.

- dirt trails south of Arastradero between Alpine & Page Mill. Passing by Arastradero Creek was nice, but probably not as fast as taking left at a fork beforehand. Still much to explore there. Looks like it's even possible to pop out on Page Mill via a trail to Paseo del Roble.
- Quinnhill Rd in Los Altos to connect Summerhill Rd with Border/Foothill. I had meant to try Valley View Dr, but this one worked out just as well. The actual Border Rd to Foothill connection is a fun short dirt bit.
- Short dirt horse trail connecting Manzanita Way with Sand Hill south. Too short and sandy to be worth ever bothering with again.

Standard variations:
- Manzanita instead of Mountain Home for zero traffic
- Westridge/Cervantes/Peak/Golden Oak for a steep hilly cut-through from Portola Rd to Arastradero Rd
- Frontero/Granger/Deodara as a shady parallel alternate to Foothill
- Arastradero to Purissima to dirt trail along 280 to Okeefe Ln
- Millbrae's Spur Trail Park to Murchison/Hunt to get to Skyline

37 miles, 2:20

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