Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alpine fireroad with Ed

Wednesday June 17th, AM. After advertising the ride to the sf2g list, the only taker was regular fellow-epic-commuter Ceaser. Alpine may have claimed his rear brake pads and knee skin on the way up, but it could not claim his ascension! Trail conditions are perfect for road bikes: completely dry except for one small portion with a little stream in the middle.
After Alpine, Ed had to descend Page Mill to go to something called "work", so I soloed it on Montebello.
Learned that the best way to avoid being eaten by a mountain lion is to offer it a small child (red circle my emphasis):
Spied this plucky fellow wandering Montebello road at (aptly named) Peacock Ct:
41 miles, 3.2 mellow hours.
Large pin gap on Alpine Rd is due to assisted GPS failing to find cell towers.

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