Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alameda de Las Pulgas

Thursday June 18th, AM. With this morning's caltrain turmoil in the east-Sunnyvale ghetto*, a semi-epic** commute was the only way to make a morning meeting. Alameda de Las Pulgas has the shortest mileage to work plus many bike lanes, with the tradeoff of more lights and traffic, especially in school season. It had been awhile since I rode this last and it was nice to see two spots with new bike lanes due to removing a car lane. One in particular, by Carlmont High School, prompted more than 100 angry letters from motorists, one with veiled threats, to Belmont officials. Now that school is out, Belmont has a bit of leeway time while it reconsiders free-ranging their high school students with non-parental forms of transit.
* a bay area ghetto is defined as any parcel of land between the bay and any at-grade caltrain intersection. The high speed rail aims to remedy this with full grade separation.
** semi-epic because there was only one significant hill, and no dirt was involved
32 miles, 1:50 during rush hour.

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