Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Highway 1 to Tunitas Creek

Tuesday June 23rd, AM. Riders: Christon, Lina, & Nils. Organized via sf2g.
Pacifica at 7:30:
4 of us climbing away from Pacifica:
And then Niles went off solo tucked into his TT bars as we 3 maintained "Christon endurance pace", ie, Christon's heartrate must stay between 140-155, even when drafting off you:
On the Tunitas climb I pulled away and saw Niles for the first time in 20 miles. Passed him on the steep portion, which gave him enough motivation to pass me in full TT mode on the long shallow bit at the end. Wanting to get to work before 11, but needing just one more hill, we ended up continuing on together where I had my revenge up Cervantes:
60 miles, 3:40 (not including the 15 mins waiting at Sharp Park).

- took a nice path from Sneath through Skyline College spied in satellite view. This path, which juts off Moreland Dr, looks like the original Moreland Dr (possibly from before the county jail) which has been left to crumble.
- the 3rd Verde Rd sign is the magic one that leads to Lobitos Creek Cut-Off -- a faster way to get to the Tunitas climb. We failed to recognize it and took Tunitas all the way, passing the new bike hut (which had an Open sign!).
- iPhone's battery ran out near the end from overuse. Poor thing.


  1. Actually, you can take the first left onto Verde, which is very scenic and a nice break from Highway 1. You also in theory can take Lobitos Creek (not Cutoff) to farther up Tunitas. Good ride today!

  2. Cool - next time I do this I'll have to try Verde all the way. I'm also eyeing the "planet of the apes" way through McNee to Montara, but I suspect it'll require cross tires. And if I'm on cross tires anyway, then might as well climb Sweeney Ridge, descend Baquiano trail to Fassler Ave, and then check out Higgins Canyon to Purissima fireroad. So many choices.

  3. You took Devil's Slide versus the much more epic Planet of the Apes route through Montara.... but I suppose you wanted to get to work eventually :).