Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Caltrain track route home

Wednesday June 24th, PM. Despite advance warning of massive hour+ southbound caltrain delays this evening, I gambled on northbound train 193. Gave up waiting after 23 minutes of it nowhere in sight and no status update anywhere. When I passed California Ave though, only one passenger was waiting so the train must have gone by. The next hourly train was right on time as I passed it at Hillsdale. Perfect evening weather for a ride since I had my insanely bright lights, but I should have stopped to put on the cycling shorts I was carrying (bag was full with a week's worth of dirty clothes + MB Air).
29 flat miles, 1:45.

The map shows how I briefly got lost finding:
- bike/ped bridge in mtn view connecting Wilkie Way and Miller Ave
- Loyola Ave turn off El Camino in Atherton. Jumped too early. Loyola Ave leads to multiple low-traffic, unofficial bike boulevards to downtown Redwood City.

Epic points awarded for:
- dirt path along Alma from El Palo Alto to Ravenswood. So much fun with bright lights.
- not taking the train at Hillsdale

Sunnyvale station says "is delayed 1' 6 minutes", where 1 foot == 1 hour.

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