Wednesday, August 26, 2009

San Bruno's pockets of dirt

Tuesday August 25th, PM. This commute 1-upped Cross loops by Crestmoor by adding 3 sections of dirt (done on the road bike of course):
- trail between Skyline and Carter Dr starting just south of King Dr to Westborough Blvd
- fireroad between Skyline and Fleetwood Dr from College Dr almost all the way to Sneath
- old Helen Dr fireroad through Junipero Serra County Park. Too bad bikes aren't allowed on any of the other dirt in this far-underutilized park -- it's rare to see someone there on weekdays.

Now the only way to 1-up this ride further would be to descend Sharp Park Rd to Pacifica, do some loops at the recently-improved Mori Point, and then climb the Mori Ridge trailhead at Shelldance Orchid gardens to Sweeney Ridge and descend the Sneath Lane trail.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Night Track Racing

Friday August 14th, PM. Took a super low-traffic route to Hellyer Park Velodrome to watch the track races. Cut through two parks to get to the bike/ped trail along Lawrence, which happily includes some dirt for a tiny semblance of epic. Then the ped bridge connecting Bucknall Rd and Rincon Ave. Ends with a nice creekside trail from Tully Rd to the track. I suppose that Homestead to San Thomas Expy to Hamilton would be shorter and much faster, but with a lot more speedy traffic. Meh it's friday.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cyclocross loops by Crestmoor Elementary

Thursday, August 13th PM. Took the high road from Colma and looped 5 times on the dirt by Crestmoor Elementary. Not sure who owns that dirt, and there's no fenced attempt to keep people out of it. The loop is rather hilly and requires hiking at the bottom over a stream to complete. Some parts could using pruning to curb the invasive blackberry, and check out the large invasion of fennel in the picture below:

Mouse ride on dirt to cut to Page Mill, then solo on Montebello to work

August 2nd, AM: mouse cross ride on dirt through the trails along Cañada, Manzanita, Portola, and Arastradero to Paseo del Roble Dr and Page Mill. Regroup and then solo on Montebello and Coyote Ridge Trail off to work. All on the road bike.
Coyote Ridge Trail was steeper and hotter in the exposed sun than I was expecting, but it was all clearable on the road bike. These pictures are from the nice segment after the climb from the reservoir.

After a quick spell at work, rode to Timpani Crit and then to Lawrence Caltrain stop via dirt that is not recommended (I had hoped it would go under 101).

Jefferson to Alpine to Canyon Trail to Stevens

July 24th solo on the road bike, and August 4th on the cyclocross bike with @eaceaser. On the cross bike, multiple trails along Cañada, Manzanita, and Portola Roads were hit. It was Ed's first real experience on dirt, and he endo'ed in glorious style on Canyon Trail's descent.
Ed on Manzanita Way:
Canyon Trail descent: