Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jefferson to Alpine to Canyon Trail to Stevens

July 24th solo on the road bike, and August 4th on the cyclocross bike with @eaceaser. On the cross bike, multiple trails along Cañada, Manzanita, and Portola Roads were hit. It was Ed's first real experience on dirt, and he endo'ed in glorious style on Canyon Trail's descent.
Ed on Manzanita Way:
Canyon Trail descent:


  1. Luke and I went up that stevens canyon trail on our way in to work last week and the dirt road they're working on was deep and soft, tough to get traction in. Gorgeous trail though and good fun to end up on top of page mill.

    It's not really epic unless somebody's bleedin'.

  2. That loose dirt is annoying. It's not clear to me what they're trying to accomplish there -- the trail was perfectly fine when I rode it in July on the road bike. I was glad to have the cross bike to clear the loose dirt they introduced.