Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mouse ride on dirt to cut to Page Mill, then solo on Montebello to work

August 2nd, AM: mouse cross ride on dirt through the trails along Cañada, Manzanita, Portola, and Arastradero to Paseo del Roble Dr and Page Mill. Regroup and then solo on Montebello and Coyote Ridge Trail off to work. All on the road bike.
Coyote Ridge Trail was steeper and hotter in the exposed sun than I was expecting, but it was all clearable on the road bike. These pictures are from the nice segment after the climb from the reservoir.

After a quick spell at work, rode to Timpani Crit and then to Lawrence Caltrain stop via dirt that is not recommended (I had hoped it would go under 101).

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  1. Hmm, I look forward to trying Coyote Ridge Trail as an alternative to the Stelling/McClellan/StevensCanyon route that I usually take... Good tip!