Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Planet of the apes" scouting

Saturday July 18th. Not technically a commute, but this ride passes as scouting for a future epic commute. Rode from home south to the Chris Hipp memorial ride at 92&Cañada, and then rolled back north with the group. On Sawyer Camp trail my road bike's rear derailleur cable snapped so I single-speeded it home. Quickly swapped over to the cross bike and hoped to catch up to the group by "cutting through" Sweeney Ridge. I never saw them again, and mountain bikers on Pedro Mountain Rd told me I was about 20 mins back from the "large group of road bikers". After passing tons of stuck traffic on Hwy 1, climbed Higgins Purisima Rd into the park, taking the Purisima Creek trail all the way to Skyline. Had a nice lunch at the Woodside cafe, then rode the dirt trail along Cañada for the portion where there aren't any "no bikes" signs, before heading back to the road where eventually Timmay, Julie, and Paule came up from behind cutting through the headwind at the end of their roadie ride. Great day.

Terrain verdict:
- Baquiano trail has a very steep descent close to Fassler Ave. I'm not sure that road tires will be able to get enough traction to slow down. I wonder if descending Mori Ridge trail from Sweeney Ridge is better. Even if it is, crossing Hwy 1 at the Shelldance Orchid gardens could be annoying, making Sharp Park the best bet.
- San Pedro Mountain road, a shell of its former glory, is ridable on road wheels. Sure there's potholes, some singletrack, and dirt, but nothing too terrible and the grade of the climb and descent isn't that bad.
- Purisima Creek Trail was a hot, tough climb at a steady grade. Doable on a road bike with low gearing and a strong will.

iPhone's battery cut out near the end. Finished the ride by taking Skyline to Larkspur's descent to right on Helen, cutting through Junipero Serra park on the fireroad, and descending Crystal Springs on home.

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