Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bayway dirt exploration

Tuesday July 14th, AM. Tried new dirt for the first time right between Whipple and the "bridge to nowhere". Then right before the bike path along the 84, a large piece of metal ripped the rear tire's sidewall. 1st epic commute flat! Sidewall punctures are the only weakness of the Conti Gatorskin + Mr. Tuffy's setup. Last time I hit a piece of metal it didn't get past Mr. Tuffy's and just pinged the frame on each revolution. Managed to get the tire to hold a new tube at a low pressure. Had been making great time until then, so after the setback took some leisure time to explore dirt by the dumbarton: rode underneath the bridge and tried all the dirt possible. Various cranes hauling dirt stopped my progress a few times (some kind of wetlands restoration project). Grabbed a new gatorskin at Chain Reaction Cycles in Los Altos.

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