Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Burlingame hills

Wednesday July 8th, AM. Rode one of the hilliest ways possible through Burlingame:
Hillside, Summit, Bella Vista, Macadamia, Skyfarm, Darrell. Barely any auto traffic at 8:30 am! Continued the hill tour with Polhemus, Hallmark, Crestview. Saw deer on Crystal Springs Cross Country Course and later along Junipero Serra (time to cull the herd?).

Next time a little hilly detour in the "perfumed city" is in order:
Chateau descent, Ralston, Pinehill, San Raymundo/Sandra, Robinwood, Denise. Or Pullman directly to Pinehill if there's as much traffic as seen on Chateau's street view.
31.2 miles (from Millbrae/Burlingame border), 1:54


  1. Very cool detour through Emerald Hills, avoiding extra distance of the more obvious Ralston-Alameda. Also, how you navigate those maze-like backroads of Burlingame I do not know, even with an iPhone.

  2. Thanks - this was my first time making that Emerald Hills detour, and luckily I remembered the plan after completely forgetting the street names once I arrived. Looking at each intersection before the trip in Street View helps a ton.

    The next day I made the route slightly more direct by connecting to Alameda via Crompton which also happens to eliminate a stop sign.