Wednesday, July 15, 2009

East Skyline

Wednesday July 15th, AM. 1st East Bay commute. Took the 5:37 AM Bart from San Bruno to Ashby to begin the ride. Fellow intrepid travelers:
Entire sf2g crew Scott, Mark, Trinh, Faye, and John on Tunnel Rd:
Pinehurst Rd & Redwood Rd regroup:
View from top of the Palomares Rd climb:
Found some dirt along the trail that follows the creek out of Niles Canyon:
To the Dumbarton:
Great ride this morning on mostly car-free east bay roads. The medium pace and breaks were nice for a change, even though I did get to work a bit later than expected. Many more photos & stats (some of which, like the max speed of 60.07 mph are just a wee off...) on the trailguru link. Drained the iPhone's battery so the map cuts off early – continued on to Apple via Stevens Canyon Trail like yesterday.

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  1. Alright, you've definitely earned your blog title. That is insane. :)