Saturday, October 10, 2009

Riding to Races

Nothing sucks the fun out of a bike race like driving there in a cage.

Saturday October 3rd. LKHC #1 Montebello. Rode from San Bruno bart with Ben to Los Altos to meet Bev and have a delicious raspberry brioche donut. Then with the paved climb under the belt continued on the fireroad up and over to Page Mill. Returned to Los Altos and then off to the Cal Ave caltrain stop to ride a completely packed train home.
Montebello fireroad:
Next time caltrain should be avoided during lovefest, but we did get free cheese:

Sunday October 4th. Pilarcitos Bay Area Super Prestige @McLaren Park. Survived the race with only one spectacular wipeout in soft mud.

Saturday October 10th. LKHC #2 Old La Honda. Large mouse showing for this one with Daniela, Ben, Nicholas, Becker (who rode all the way from sf), Liam, and a prospective mouse out for the challenge. Sustenance was had at Rolling Pin Donuts in San Bruno before taking the same flat route to CaƱada as last week. OLH came and went. I felt strong this week. Results.

The real fun was afterwards as we continued on Skyline to descend the nicely repaved Tunitas Creek. After fish tacos were devoured in Half Moon bay we tackled old Pedro Mountain Road. Ben giggled like a schoolgirl the entire time over being able to clear it all on his fixie. It has a perfect even grade up and down that's not too steep, and just technical enough in the singletrack sections to be fun on skinny tires.
Note that the OLH climb was not recorded and part of the Tunitas descent is missing, plus some stats on there aren't very accurate like max speed when the gps signal wandered a bit. I couldn't stop riding and continued all the way to sf, rode some dirt in gg park, and took the caltrain home. Many more pics are at the trailguru link below.

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